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Yes we are not joking!

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  • Linux/Unix server hosted and based in USA

  • 35 GB Monthly Bandwidth/Transfer/Hits 

  • Your own CGI-Bin

  • Unlimited POP email accounts 

  • Live Webmail from your site!

  • Unlimited Email Aliases

  • Unlimited Autoresponders

  • Graphical Website Statistics (Webalizer)

  • Latest version of Perl

  • Unlimited MySQL databases (for every account!)

  • FrontPage Extensions

  • The latest version of Zend Optimizer is installed

  • LWP Perl Modules

  • Unlimited Subdomains

  • Latest version of PHP

  • Access to Raw log files

  • Download Log files

  • GD-LIB perl modules

  • Password Protect Directories in your website

  • FTP Accounts

  • Real audio/video http streaming...

  • PERL/C++, JAVA ...

  • Shopping Carts

  • Even more cgi freebies such as a rotating banner script for your site!

  • Run Cron Jobs and get Shell Access (e.g. Telnet)

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