1. Do your servers support websites created with FrontPage 2000, which require Front Page extensions? 

Yes. Our servers support websites made with Microsoft FrontPage.

2. Where in the US are your servers located? What kind of redundancy and what size connection to the backbone do you have?

The servers are located in the United States.  Redundancy? diesel generator backup, temperature and environmental control, high security monitoring, and fully redundant UPS power backup systems. The network is connected to the Internet via three diverse-path fiber providers carrying OC3 connectivity from both Sprint ( & AT&T (, DS3 connectivity from MCI/Worldcom (, and 100MBPS Metro Fast Ethernet from Cogent Communications (, for a total available capacity of over 400MBPS.

3. Do you support ASP?

No. ASP is for a Windows based server - we run Unix/Linux servers only.

4. What about your backup process - is it done automatically - or do I have to manually initiate a backup?

You are responsible for backing up information from your websites.

 (We don't make backups of your site).

5. Do you allow adult, warez or other illicit sites or content? MP3 files, movie or large video files?

No. Please see our terms and conditions page for permissible and unacceptable content.

6. Where can I register domain names? Do you handle this?

We don't handle the registration of domain names, but we know where you can get them at a great price. Go to - please note that we are in no way associated with this website, we use them because we love their low prices, so that's why we recommend them to you! $8.88 for 1 year registration! 


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